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Hydrogen Ventures is a UK based joint venture with a focus on Green Hydrogen production using renewable sources of energy and cutting edge technologies. Our projects are carefully selected to meet the most challenging ESG requirements.

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2021 – A Year of Endeavour, Consolidation and Growth

“Objects in the rear-view mirror can appear closer than they are” when applied to 2021 certainly rings true.


CBN Expert interviews former Minister of State for Climate Change under Gordon Brown.

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Ambitious targets for Iceland to become carbon neutral by 2040 are a step closer today after the announcement of plans for an exciting new project harnessing the power of hydrogen to fuel transportation.

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Estimated at a total investment volume of EUR 100 million, Hydrogen Ventures plans to set up hydrogen production facilities at the Reykjanes geothermal power plant of HS Orka in Iceland.

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Icelandic utility company HS Orka and Hydrogen Ventures have announced plans to develop a production plant for green methanol using green hydrogen to power the marine sector, as well as domestic and commercial vehicles such as cars, vans and lorries.

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HS Orka and Hydrogen Ventures announce plans for a green hydrogen project with an initial phase of 30 MW.

The project seeks to develop a plant for the production of green methanol from green hydrogen to fuel the marine sector, as well as private and commercial vehicles.


Hydrogen Ventures is a collaboration between Climate Change Ventures and Wellington Street Partners. Based in the UK, our team is developing a series of international projects in the Hydrogen arena. Our projects focus on Green Hydrogen production using renewable energy sources and cutting edge technologies.


Hydrogen Ventures provides solutions aimed at the decarbonisation of major industry sectors, such as Power Generation, Transportation, Process Industries and Buildings. Our Hydrogen Strategy focuses on meeting the needs of local authorities and industries by use of the market drivers set out in the various Hydrogen Policies being developed across Europe.

Project Development

Hydrogen Ventures creates typical project structures involving all stakeholders. Our team has many years of experience in project finance non-recourse and has successfully developed many projects.


Hydrogen Ventures is based in the UK with offices in London and a presence throughout Europe.
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