Project Development

Hydrogen Ventures creates typical project structures involving all stakeholders. The team has many years of experience in project finance non-recourse.

Projects Under Development

Hydrogen Ventures is developing projects that are at the forefront of todays technology and business ideas. We are currently developing three projects. One for Green Methanol in Iceland, one for Green Mobility in Portugal and one for Green Ammonia in Brazil as outlined below.


Status of Agreements

Energy Supply – Yes, Term Sheet
CO2 Supply – Yes, Term Sheet
Land – Yes, Term Sheet
Methanol / H2 off-take – under negtiation


Business Model – 08.2022
EPC Cost – 12.2022
Financial Close – 09.2023
COD – 09.2025


Portugal committed to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

  • Green hydrogen is produced using solar energy.
  • Trackers can also produce green hydrogen at night using renewable energy, doubling production.
  • Hydrogen is stored and distributed in high pressure cylinders, usually above 200 bar.
  • Hydrogen can be delivered in various locations and the filling of vehicles is made using dispensers at 350 bar or 700 bar.
  • The production capacity of H2 can be increased with the expansion of the number of trackers.

Production of green hydrogen through solar fuel cells (Trackers) from Fuel Fusion [FF], a manufacturer based in Portugal.

Fuel Cell EV


Renewable Wind Power / Synthetic fuels:

  • State of the art technology
  • Long term wind monitoring
  • Among the highest capacity factor in the world
  • Renewable power will be consumed by the Hydrogen facility / tax efficiency
  • Long term offtake agreement for the final Synthetic fuels / Green Ammonia

Ecosystem Services:

  • Biome restoration
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable forest exploration
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Support to local community
  • Environmental, Social & Governance as a core value

Project References

Turbogas S.A., Portugal 1998 | €600mm

1st Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant of 1000 MW capacity built at Tapada do Outeiro, Portugal with Siemens technology as an anchor for the introduction of Natural Gas to Portugal.

Jantus - Aeolus Wind Farms, Brazil 2007 | €400mm

220 MW distributed in 6 Wind Farms, equipped with Suzlon Turbines and a 20 year PPA with Electrobras.

Electrobras, Power, Brazil 2003 | €80mm

5x Emergency Power Plants built in different sites in the Ceara State to cope with the Emergency Power crisis in Brazil, ranging from 20 MW to 5MW each totalling 135 MW.

EPDC / J-Power, Japan 1998 | €50mm

600 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired steam power plant in the Yokohama harbour area. Siemens HMN steam turbine – in cooperation with Fuji Electric – successful operation during earthquake, record efficiencies.